Vehicle diagnostics made easy.
Get the features of an automotive scan tool on your smartphone. 

  • U-Scan provides DIY-ers with access to their vehicle diagnostics using their smartphone, providing essential information to help you fix your vehicle quickly and easily all while saving you money.
  • Get the answers to the cause of the check engine light. Simply plug in the adapter in your vehicle and read the definitions for the codes that caused the check engine light to illuminate on your Android or Apple smartphone.
  • Review vehicle emissions status (I/M Monitors)
  • Wirelessly connects to your iPhone, iPod or Android smartphone via BlueTooth
  • AutoID™ - Automatically identifies most late model vehicles
  • TrueLink™ - Guaranteed to link to most late model vehicles
  • MyGarage™ Vehicle Manager
  • QuickCheck™ Vehicle Diagnostics Summary
  • Vehicle Activity Log – History

Features Available with In-App Purchase

  • Read and graph LIVE data sensors, RPMs, coolant temperature and more for a faster diagnosis.
  • U-Scan provides reliable professional level information to DIY-ers with the next step in diagnostic automotive repair: CodeConnect®. The CodeConnect® database includes over 4.3 million Top Reported Fixes to the problems that caused the check engine light to illuminate. The fixes are verified by our team of ASE certified technicians. They are also prioritized with the most probable solution to the problem at the top of the list and are specific to the vehicle’s make, model and year.


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